Sunday, December 20, 2009

Doctors Orders

Four days after going down with a knee injury, I was finally able to sigh with relief. My ACL was still intact and the news from the specialist was the best I could hope for.

Diagnosis? Slight tear of the MCL (severe sprain), no surgery, out 4-6 weeks. I'm somewhat lucky in the sense that this happened right before Christmas break. When I return to Luxembourg on January 2nd, it will be exactly 3 weeks since the injury. Hopefully after a week of rehab in Esch, I'll be close to re-taking the court. As difficult as it is sitting on the bench and watching, I have to remember that getting my knee back to 100% is most important. Before I start jumping for rebounds and taking it strong to the hoop, I need to have a strong, steady right knee underneath me.

As I've said numerous times before, I'm very lucky to be in such a great situation this year. Though the basketball isn't as competitive as the previous leagues I've played in, the people in Luxembourg have made my experience wonderful thus far. Basket Esch is a family. They care about me and have stuck by my side during this unfortunate injury. After going down, most teams would be looking for a new foreign player, while sending you home and cutting your salary for the rest of the season. In Esch, it's different. People socialize after games, call to see if you need anything and invite you over for dinners with their friends or families. Hanging out in our gym bar after a game is one of the highlights of my week. I'm able to get to know those around me, make new friends and continually build relationships with those I spend the most time with. Basket Esch has gone out of their way to make sure I'm comfortable and have what I need. After meeting with the club's President, Manager and committee this week, I was relieved to hear them say that they are sticking with me 100%. Basket Esch wants me back on the court at full strength in the New Year.

Though they've brought someone in the fill my shoes while I'm out of commission, the goal is for a mid-January return. That being said, this will be my last post of 2009. Here's to wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays and be sure to visit in 2010!


Sidenote: Last night my team and I celebrated our huge Cup victory over Steinsel (the same team we played when I injured my knee and lost to by 2 points). The win means we're in the Final 4 and will be playing in front 6,000+ fans in February! Allez-Esch!


david said...

Awesome news Bre. Maybe I'll get a chance to see you if you are here in Seattle over the holidays. I can meet you anywhere.

Your old bud,
David or Pops

david said...
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Lindsey said...

nice babe. glad you got the W. something to look forward to in February. I'm home Monday at noon. Call me when you get settled in. Can't wait for new years!