Tuesday, April 01, 2008

2 Down, 4 to Go

As the season comes to a close, I’m starting to notice how much my body aches. Muscles are tired, sore and angry at me for the long season and constant pounding I put them through day after day. It will be a relief to complete the next 4 games and head home for some much needed R&R. Thankfully, I have made it through the season without any major injuries (knock on wood). My hips are bothering me, but a quick trip to the chiropractor yesterday put my body back in alignment and hopefully will alleviate my discomfort down the stretch.

Our first game in Stockholm was a success, but not without controversy. After a 5 hour bus ride we were ready to take the floor against a very fired up Järfälla team. Anxious to play a real game for the first time in 2.5 weeks, I was both nervous and excited as I made my Swedish debut. Järfälla opened the game firing and took the lead early. This was short-lived, as 5 minutes into the game we were able to gather ourselves and take it to the home team. After leading by as many as 23 points, we ended up 11-point victors. Being one of the biggest players on the floor who crashed the offensive and defensive glass on every possession had one of the referees taking notice. He decided I was too aggressive, constantly tagging me with ridiculous foul calls. Ironically, with bruises forming on my forearms – I couldn’t get a call to save my life. My emotions were kept in check, but I finally had enough after being obviously hacked for the hundredth time on a power move inside the key. Six minutes into the 3rd quarter I got T’d up, fouling out of the game. I can’t remember the last time I fouled out of a game or got a ‘T’ for that matter, but I’m pretty sure it goes back to high school. I didn’t say anything to the ref, but as I was running back on defense I told my coach to sub me out or I might lose it on the ‘bald guy.’ Too bad the bald guy was 5 steps behind me...and ready to blow his whistle. It was tough watching the last quarter and a half from the bench, but I enjoyed cheering my teammates on and glaring at the ref every time he looked my way. Järfälla shot 35 FTs to our 3 and had 7 fouls to our 23. Draw your own conclusions.

The second of our six games was played 2 days later in Sundsvall. Eager to play without worrying about foul trouble or referees, I ended up having a great game with us winning by 14 in front of a supportive home crowd. Not changing the way I played from the first game to the second game, I was only hit with 1 foul call. Interesting. With my body aching and the team on a high from our two W’s, it was time to hit the town and celebrate. Our American and Serbians decided to stay at home, but not me! I was excited to get out of my usual attire of sweatpants and workout gear to heels and makeup. Besides not being able to get into one bar (23 and over – I was the only 23 year old) the Swedish girls and I hit up a 21 and under club where we had a great time dancing the night away and learning the words to Swedish rap songs.

Tomorrow sees us playing our toughest competition Eskilstuna at Eskilstuna – 8 hours away. I’ll likely be guarding high school rival and former Provincial Team teammate Kelsey Blair in the post. Bring it on!


Sidenote1: Game results can be found here.
Sidenote2: Happy Birthday to Amy and this guy! I wish I could be there to celebrate.


Katerina said...

Kill em' bre, kill em' all. Well, not really, but give them what they deserve:) Congrats on winning! As much as I want you to come home, I hope you win them all!Love you!

Jason said...

Thanks for the shout out Dub.

Kelly said...

I'm so glad that you are having fun in your European baller tour :) I can't wait for you to come to Vegas! Have a fun last couple weeks!

J said...

Stupid Kansas.

Anonymous said...

You are an awesome writer! I love your blog Bre. I'm so glad to se you're playing like Bre; looks like professional ball suits you very well.

I've always seen that toughness on both ends of the court, but sadly you were held back too much. Now, as I have always braged about you, you are showing just how seriously talented you are.

Kick butt in your next game and hurry and get home. Come down to Seattle so Margita and I can see you.

Love you bud,